Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.19013.1000 (vb_release) amd64

File Expires SHA-1 Size
windows10.0-kb4528332-x64.cab2020-09-18 08:01:59 UTC751f50a073aa6dd0422aaad3b51b813b775ed7e586 MiB
windows10.0-kb4528333-x64.cab2020-09-18 07:33:39 UTC3ef7e745223166bbd684203c0731bb098239191936 KiB
windows10.0-kb4528334-x64.cab2020-09-18 07:33:39 UTC42c919d21eb22a21db978d33b11fcb9ff8daadd363 KiB
windows10.0-kb4528335-x64.cab2020-09-18 07:36:59 UTC68771ba4cfd11066ac050ffb8e127b97cd340bf311 MiB
windows10.0-kb4528336-x64.cab2020-09-18 07:38:19 UTC7dc5a86af698f2d818dee6bfc5bfc03f21c969ac14 MiB
Total file size: 110.73 MiB
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