Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809 (17763.557) amd64

File Expires SHA-1 Size
windows10.0-kb4489491-x64.cab2019-09-19 19:33:53 UTC9cce2d29abe0c5a094dcc11d100c48c6f9fc8aa1116 KiB
windows10.0-kb4503327-x64.cab2019-09-19 20:53:13 UTC730e24d37e12aa6e3773f69704bedb9c7fb2f5f7239 MiB
windows10.0-kb4503540-x64.cab2019-09-19 19:36:13 UTC6961d427b5618d4138c35e088ce8c7711d75dda88 MiB
windows10.0-kb4504369-x64.cab2019-09-19 19:38:13 UTC175df0162c79a6d1cbc3fc6918d62d89090b906813 MiB
Total size of files: 259.86 MiB
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